The Vineyard of Popoli

This vineyard stands witness to how the upland of the Valle Reale has been a “wine district” for as long as man can remember. Some of the rows of this vineyard stretch in front of the ruins of a grotto-cellar that dates back to about the 1300s. It was there that Benedictine monks, coming down from the Convent in San Benedetto in Perillis, a tiny village perched on the mountains behind Valle Reale, produced and stored their wine.

This is a parcel amounting to 1 hectare dedicated to Trebbiano d’Abruzzo. Instead, a larger vineyard where Montepulciano d’Abruzzo is cultivated stretches more southward towards the entrance of the valley. This Montepulciano is the offspring of the oldest vineyard of these premises. All the rows are facing southeast towards Majella and the Morrone Mountains, benefiting from the presence of a dense oak forest that borders the western side. The lands, like for all the upland near Popoli, are at 350 m above sea level. The woodland is rich in various species of flora, with tall trees, undergrowth and flowers that thrive thanks to the healthy air and pure waters of the source of the Pescara River that flows beneath the vineyard.

The integrity of this environment favours the development of indigenous strains of yeasts that give the Trebbiano made with these grapes almost “extreme” connotations for this " Trebbiano from the Cold", as the first vintage was defined. Strolling amidst these vineyards it is common to come across the wildlife that inhabits these mountains, from deer to badgers, to foxes, and even the occasional sighting of a wolf.