The Vegetable Garden

The idea of a biodynamic garden was born in Valle Reale about halfway through the year 2000, as the ideal complement to the vineyards within the larger agricultural and agronomic project that was being brought to life. Today that idea has become a reality

Since 2015, two hectares of land adjacent to the company offices have been dedicated to the cultivation of ancient local varieties of cereals, vegetables, and legumes. Valle Reale is part of an exclusive group of custodial farmers who, in close collaboration with the Regional Agency for the Abruzzo Agricultural Development Services, plant ancient varieties of vegetables that are in danger of extinction. For this reason, we have created a special seedbed where we plant these seeds and then cultivate them in our vegetable garden.

The objective of this experimental initiative is to conserve the numerous traditional cultivars of Abruzzo, fruit of the selection made by both man and nature over the course of centuries, that have evolved in forms of a genetic nature that enable the plants to resist and adapt to climatic changes. The approach selected by the Valle Reale favours the maintenance of the soil in a normal or "wild" state, and promotes a profound respect for the earth as a living organism. The biodynamic garden makes it possible to breathe life back into a natural resource that we intend to safeguard and develop by propagating knowledge through consumption. For this reason the produce of this garden are sold to the public, who may directly gather from the earth the healthy and natural fruit of our commitment to the environment.